DOSIDLE mirror

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Since there seem to be very few sites that carry DOSIDLE at the moment of writing, in the interest of preserving old/historic programs and data, I've decided to mirror the thing here. It may be outdated; if a new version has slipped past my attention, please drop me a line. Thank you.

Enjoy! :^)

Download the DOSIDLE 2.10 archive (28K) or browse the directory tree.

Object description

| DOSidle V2.10   [Build 0077] |
| DOSidle enables power-saving |
| features  of  the  processor |
| and executes the HLT command |
| when idle  so as to COOL THE |
| PROCESSOR GREATLY!!          |
| Runs under MS-DOS V5.00-7.10 |
| and Windows95/98 DOS Box.    |