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Since there seem to be very few sites that carry DOSIDLE at the moment of writing, in the interest of preserving old/historic programs and data, I've decided to mirror the thing here. It may be outdated; if a new version has slipped past my attention, please drop me a line. Thank you.

Enjoy! :^)
--De Zeurkous

Download the DOSIDLE 2.10 archive (28K) or browse the directory tree.

Object description

| DOSidle V2.10   [Build 0077] |
| DOSidle enables power-saving |
| features  of  the  processor |
| and executes the HLT command |
| when idle  so as to COOL THE |
| PROCESSOR GREATLY!!          |
| Runs under MS-DOS V5.00-7.10 |
| and Windows95/98 DOS Box.    |

Zeurkous' Notes

This utility is very useful when dealing with DOS inside emulators and virtual machines. Most versions of DOS (among other operating systems) don't handle the 80x86 HLT (halt) instruction properly, causing a constant full usage of the CPU. For more information about this, see the DOSIDLE documentation, sections 1.1 and 2.1.