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Welcome :) This site hosts some of my personal projects. Let's skip the rest of the intro for now -- I've got work to do :^)


-My work on the International and the Dutch versions of Wikipedia. I've given both up because clueless n00bs have fscked them up beyond any repair.
-Archive of an old weblog, only a few posts but probably interesting anyway.
-A mirror of the DOSIDLE program.
-A cynical preview of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.
-A pre-release of the Unreal Teleporter Mutator (source code).
-Releases from the Korax Project.

Contact Information

This site
Primary IPv4 Address:

Physical Location

Street: Winde
Building Number: 8
Postal Code: 8265 EJ
City: Kampen
Province: Overijssel
Country: The Netherlands
Home: zeurcomp:/home/zeurkous

Random info

Gender: Male
Sex: Please.
Sexual Orientation: Homosexual
Sexual Preference: Bytesexual (Big-Endian)


Thanks to the following people and institutions for their support:
My friends SeaN, Ploffie, and Error32;
XS4ALL, the most liberal provider in the Netherlands;
Sun Microsystems, for making excellent UNIX workstations;
Nintendo, for the great Metroid series; and
Everyone who reads this, for accepting the outdated HTML that desperatly needs a cleanup :^)

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